Vol. 58, No.3, Dec 2010
* Article in Chinese


Media Education: Definitions, Approaches and Development around the Globe Alice LEE [Hong Kong] p.1
Remote Control Childhood: Combating the Hazards of Media Culture in Schools       Diane LEVIN [USA]        p.14
Changing Technology = Empowering Students  Through Media Literacy Education    Belinha DE ABREU [USA]    p.26

Addressing Cyberbullying as a Media Literacy Issue 

Christine Suniti BHAT, Shih-Hua CHANG,JamieA.LINSCOTT[USA] p.34
A Pedagogy of Inquiry: Toward Student-centered  Media Education  Donna CHU[Hong Kong] p.44
Media Use and Media Literacy Education: Secondary Schools in Taiyuan LIU Xiaojing and QIN Jiao [China] p.58
Putting the Cart before the Horse: Interrogating Media Literacy Education in School English Lessons Lynde TAN Lee Wee [Singapore] p.67
Teaching Media Literacy with Graphic Novels  Katie MONNIN [USA]   p.78
A Case for Media Literacy in the Context of Socioscientific Issues Danielle DANI, Guofang WAN,   John E. HENNING [USA]     p.85
Sunzi’s War Rhetoric Meets Hollywood:Educating Teenagers about Bullying through Movies  Hsiao-Hui YANG [USA] p.99
Teaching Children’s Literature Online:  Modern Technology and Virtual Classroom Communities Vivian YENIKA-AGBAW [USA] p.111
Say What? The Quality of Discussion Board Postings in Online Professional Development Tania JAROSEWICH,    Lori VARGO,            JamesSALZMAN,                Lisa LENHART,         LeAnn KROSNICK,  Kristen VANCE, Kathleen ROSKOS [USA] p.118
Research on the Integration of Computer Animation into the Teaching Design of Mathematics at Primary School Andy FAN (Macau) p.133
Summary Report Education on Online Safety in Schools in Europe Stanislav RANGUELOV[Belgium] p.149
Book Reviews
Book Review on Moving Images: Making Movies, Understanding Med Tim BODZIONEY [USA] p.164
Media Literacy Series: Questioning Media  Eric VIANI [USA] p.166
Call For Participation
Going Global: Summer Education Symposium 2011       p.168
From the Guest Editor:    
Critical Media Literacy-A 21st Century Skill  Guofang Wan [USA]       


Dr. Guofang Wan, the guest editor of this special issue would like to acknowledge the strong support of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Ohio University, who provided two graduate assistants during the editing process of this issue.

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