Vol. 60, No.1, May 2012
* Article in Chinese



The Process of Coping with Changes: A Study of Learning Experiences for the Aboriginal Nursing Freshmen

Ruo Lan LIU  [Taiwan] p.1

A Factor Analysis of Teacher Competency in Technology

Ismail RAOB, Hussein AL-OSHAIBAT and ONG Saw Lan  [Malaysia] p.13
The Effects of Intercultural Learning on English Learning Motivation among Students Studying Abroad
Yau TSAI [Taiwan] p.23

Beliefs and Out-of-class Language Learning of Chinese-speaking ESL Learners in Hong Kong

WU Man-fat [Hong Kong] p.35
Curriculum and Instruction
Self-Regulated Learning: A Study on the Checklist Peer-Evaluation Method of Evaluating Chinese Composition of Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Students * KWAN Yee Wan & LEE On Wai [Hong Kong] p.53
HK Chinese Language Teachers’ Understanding and Comments on the Aims and the Use of Student Peer Assessment at Primary Schools * LIU Pui Lee [Hong Kong] p.61
Education Issues
A Tale of Three Cities: Review of the Development of ICT in School Education Between Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore Andy FAN[Macau] & Kwok Keung HO [Hong Kong] p.70

Fifteen-Years-Old Students of Seven East Asian Cities in PISA 2009: A Secondary Analysis

SOH Kay Cheng [Singapore] p.83

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